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If your Scottish then of course a kilt is the best for a man! It is often a good idea as a guest to wear an article of tartan clothing such as a tartan tie,

Traditional Highland sporrans, great plaid and arasaid for weddings

The Highland Dance Shop website was set up to provide highland dance products for every type of Highland Dancer out there – competitive, display or hobby.

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In one version, a tartan pattern skirt is worn with an over-the-shoulder plaid, a white blouse and petticoat, and a velvet bodice. The alternative is a white dress

Black tie, occasionally known in the English-speaking world by its French name cravate noire, is a dress code for evening events and social functions derived from

Note, When I originally wrote this story, Josie’s relationship with Fiona’s father was much different, Colin was more brutish, and there was a period of non

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TRAJE EN GUATEMALA . Undoubtedly the most colorfully costumed people in the Americas are the Highland Maya of Guatemala. While traditional native dress has

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